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Harmonizing with Humanity recognizes that music is a powerful force for change in the world. It is known to hold a high vibration of energy that speaks directly to the heart. Music often has a life changing effect on those listening, while acknowledging the deep feelings of humanity. Coupling positive music with the innate wisdom of inspiring people to their core is a vital cornerstone of Harmonizing with Humanity. Our mission is to unite like-minded “positive music artists” and fans who love listening while providing a center point to support important causes.

“I believe whole heartedly that Harold Payne, (one of the best songwriters of our era) was right on with his title track, “Music is Louder Than Words,” says President Randy Grossman, “Our core value is to build this community of “Indie positive artists” to not only help sustain their livelihood, but also as a conduit to uplift the spirits (through music) of all people who are directly involved with a particular cause—especially the caregivers who often are the last ones to be thanked and the most under appreciated, overworked and under paid.”   

HWH Launch - Beverly Hills, CA, April 11, 2009 from Harmonizing with Humanity on Vimeo.

As a father of two autistic boys, Grossman and his wife have first hand experience as caregivers. “I realized that there are others who are not as lucky as my wife and myself and they are out there feeling very alone,” states Grossman, “We wanted to create something that would serve as a soothing peace to their spirits.”

Whether it be a house concert, a large public venue or album, our roster of positive Indie musicians spans across the globe as the platform to network, collaborate, perform and most importantly to inspire audiences that raise awareness for an array of causes. This special niche genre of artists consistently elevate the spirit of their audiences, helping to calm, restore and rejuvenate their souls—a key component of Harmonizing with Humanity.


"Randy has an incredible ability to listen and a penchant for detail that that raises the level of all he's involved with. He also happens to be a very nice man and a great guy to work with."–Gardner Cole, Music Industry Executive & Grammy Nominated Songwriter With 11 Platinum Albums